Who Are We

The Montrow Group is made up of several small, unique businesses that specialize in specific production techniques within the realm of fabrication & manufacturing. Each of these business play an important role that is critical to maintaining our growth and success as time goes on.

Montrow Tool & Machine

As the founding company, Montrow Tool & Machine is the central hub for all that goes on within the Montrow Group. Since its opening in 1987 Montrow has been committed to meeting the highest standards of engineering, machining, and manufacturing.

Chiyoda Montrow Die Manufacturing

As a joint venture with Chiyoda Kogyo Company LTD., Chiyoda Montrow Die Manufacturing (CMD) produces stamping dies using Japanese methods and quality standards for design, build, and maintenance. CMD members from both the U.S. and Japan work side-by-side to ensure long-lasting customer satisfaction with their stamping dies.

MTM: Frankfort Division

The Montrow: Frankfort Division opened in Frankfort, KY to be closer to customers in Kentucky and to better meet their demands. This expansion of the Montrow Group specifically focuses on bringing our practices and systems closer to our core customers. The Montrow: Frankfort Division produces specific, dimensionally consistent replacement components.

Cultures That Work, Inc.

Founded in 2011, Cultures That Work, Inc. is a business consulting firm that focuses on the cultural alignment of a business and its employees to achieve sustained business growth. Having worked with clients such as Microsoft, IU School of Medicine, and PricewaterhouseCoopers it is easy to understand why we have been a client of Cultures That Work, Inc. since 2011.


W.R.E.G. is a newer addition to the Montrow Group. W.R.E.G. manages all the Montrow Group properties and searches for new opportunities that could be beneficial to the expansion of the Montrow Group.

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